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Registration for Magic Marine Gothenburg Summer Regatta

The registration is  now open. The registrations will handled by Sail Arena.

Here you can find the Event, Registration and Participant list.

In order to register to the event in Sail Arena you first have to create an account on Sail Arena (if you do not already have an account). This is done here.

Information on payment

When completing the registration you are forwarded to the checkout page to fulfill the payment. This looks like this:

If you want to pay with a Credit Card you should click on “Handla utan personnummer”. Then the view is changed to this:

Add your details and click on “Fortsätt” to pay with Credit Card. If you are not a Swedish resident and do not have a Swedish address you can write anything on “Gatuadress” and use the the “Postnr.” 40100 which is Göteborg.